We Custom-Build Exquisite Laneway Homes



TSL Laneway Homes makes finely crafted custom-built laneway houses, meticulously built nail by nail, frame by frame, not prefabricated. We want our homes to stand the test of time and we think this extra personal touch makes the difference.

We're committed to creating a superior product, no question. We`ll bring our expert craftsmanship, project management acumen, and our love of creating something with our own hands to the home we build for you.

From First Designs To Final Furnishings

Despite our fondness for the smell of fresh lumber, we’re more than just builders — we’re a service company. Our experienced and professional team provides a full range of services from start to finish that help you navigate the steps and choices as effortlessly, and quickly, as possible. This includes:

  • Property Eligibility Assessment
  • Architectural Drawings
  • Engineering Design
  • Permit Preparation and Filing
  • Interior Design Advice
  • Landscape Design
  • Security and Surveillance Systems
  • Interior Furnishing Packages
  • Rental Management Coaching

Open Communication and Collaboration

When we embark on your project, it’s important we forge a mutual relationship of trust and open communication with you.

This starts the moment we first step onto your property and continues as we bring your vision into a design drawing. It's especially essential during the sometimes-curvy path of permit approval and construction when creative problem solving is sometimes required. 

At the end of your project, when you’re stocking the refrigerator with groceries for the first time, we want you to feel proud you've created a home not-so-far-away from home that's truly beautiful — and that you'd do it again in a heartbeat.