Laneway Homes: Live Large In A Small Footprint


A laneway home is a small house built in the backyard of your existing single-family home, usually as a garage conversion or in place of a carport, and facing the lane. They often look like a miniature version of your main house.


Affordable Housing For Family Or Renters

A laneway house is a great way for a family to live together — but under separate roofs. Most homeowners build them to provide an affordable, independent living space for adult children, extended family, elderly parents, or caregivers.

Other people use them to generate income from renters or vacationers — to either help with the mortgage or to create retirement income.

There’s a lot to like about laneway homes. They even make your alley greener, safer, friendlier, and more livable.


A Laneway Renaissance

Laneway homes have been one of the hottest backyard trends since 2009, when the City of Vancouver introduced its Laneway Housing Program as part of its EcoDensity Initiative and Regional Growth Strategy.

The goal is to add expand housing choices, add ‘gentle’ density to single-family neighbourhoods while retaining their character, reducing the city’s carbon footprint by housing more people near transit corridors and ensuring we remain one of the most livable cities in the world.